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“Braden is exactly what I was looking for in a guitar teacher. His enthusiasm and patience made for an inspiring and comfortable environment. He made lesson plans according to what I was interested in but also to what I needed to learn in order to become a better all around guitar player. He has an impeccable ear and is very specific when suggesting exercises to help with a particular area I was having trouble in. I will be taking more lessons from Braden in the near future and I highly recommend him for students of all ages!”
Denise R.

“Braden is a terrific teacher! My daughter has studied with him for nearly six years. He knows how to make her lessons challenging yet fun. While teaching her all she needs to know, he also works in pieces she really wants to play, which keeps her motivated to practice.”
Amanda P. - Windsor Terrace

“Both my daughters (9 & 10)have been taking piano lessons from Braden Palmer since 2014, and have had wonderful experiences. He has taught them how to read, and understand music. He has instilled accountability in practicing, which they respect. He has shown great patience when working with my ADHD daughter. The lessons are at the end of the day, and for my ADHD kid- the meds have worn off. She has good days and bad days, but Braden has always treated her with the respect he expects and doesn’t put up with nonsense. He understands the challenges in dealing with an ADHD kid who cannot sit still too long and has never complained. He has seen her interest in changing to the Guitar and has communicated the benefits to the girls playing different instruments. He has seen this could be a way they learn at different paces and one is not significantly better than the other, which would avoid feelings of inadequacy. He sees the strengths in both girls and encourages them to be the best they want to be! I highly recommend Braden, and I am certain, if he is around until college, he will be in our lives..”
Beth M. - Windsor Terrace

“Braden has been a real inspiration and support for my daughter – he has nurtured a broad range of skills, encouraged her to try new things, and talked with her about music-related subjects (such as bands/musicians, public schools with good music programs, websites, etc.). He has been very accessible and flexible for me, as a mother – willing to reschedule and work on specific challenges we might request (such as how to audition for public schools). I have recommended him many times and continue to do so enthusiastically.”
Betty H. – Boerum Hill

“I have been taking lessons from Braden for over 5 years. I started with no guitar background and am now writing and recording my own songs and performing live at local open mics in NYC. This is a huge accomplishment for me given that I have a very demanding work schedule and many social obligations! This is because Braden has been so accommodating to my schedule and helps me set attainable goals each week that are specific to my musical endeavors so that I don’t waste any time. He is always completely professional, but what I really appreciate about Braden is his fun personality and laid-back teaching approach, so I never feel stressed out or bored. In addition I have seen Braden play at multiple gigs around NYC and am inspired to be working with a truly gifted working musician.”
Cynthia B. – Prospect Lefferts Gardens

“Both of my stepdaughters (9 and 13) have been taking guitar lessons with Braden since 2011, and they’ve had a wonderful experience with him. He has taught them to read music, instilled a sense of responsibility about practicing in them (which is itself a miracle), and has helped them to overcome their hesitations about playing in front of others. Braden is a phenomenal teacher, and both girls respect him highly and really value their time with him. When we had to make decisions about which activities to stay committed to this year, both girls fought hard for lessons with Braden, both because they enjoy guitar, and because they thought that the mentoring relationship they had built with Braden was really valuable. He gives them a lot of flexibility in choosing to play songs they like, while also steering them towards things they can manage. He is also very generous with his time, and has been endlessly gracious about managing our changing schedules. Our girls have done a wide range of after-school activities, and Braden is easily the best teacher we have ever encountered. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”  from ParkSlopeParents.com
Jordan P. - Windsor Terrace

“Our 7 year old daughter has been taking lessons with Braden for about 6 months. He is a patient and understanding instructor and we have already seen improvements in her technique. In addition, he has gone above and beyond just teaching her by helping us get a (free) hand-me-down childs’ sized guitar as her original one was too large. Braden is also very flexible with scheduling and conflicts when they arise. Our daughter looks forward to her lessons and enjoys what she learns. So far we have been very pleased!”
Julie S. - Kensington

“My 10-year-old son has been taking guitar lessons from Braden for 2 years and he’s had a great experience. He’d never taken any music lessons when he started, so Braden taught him to read music, recognize the different chords, keep time, etc. He’s not just learning to play 4-chord rock songs but really learning individual notes and getting a great basis for further musical education in addition to having fun playing the guitar! Braden is extremely patient and willing to work with my squirmy boy. He’s also a great musician himself and we’ve had fun going to see him play with his swing band at Two Boots. He organizes recitals for all his students twice a year and it’s also been fun to see what the older kids are learning — very motivational for my son. I would recommend Braden highly.”  from ParkSlopeParents.com
Laurie M. - Park Slope

“Braden is an exceptional guitar teacher, and his guitar playing is top-notch in a wide variety of styles. Not only has he mastered the guitar as an instrument, but he was a great teacher to someone who never had a lesson and acquired years of bad habits. Braden’s ear is sharp and he finds a great balance between encouraging and challenging his students. Highly recommend if you are looking to learn guitar correctly or take your skills to another level.”
Richard H.

“Besides being a talented musician with diverse styles in music (rock, blues, classical, and jazz), Braden is unbelievably amazing with children! My son (15), who only played the Guitar Hero video game before, has liked him from the beginning over two years ago. He practices consistently, is always excited about the lessons, and always strives to learn more. Braden has even helped him form a band by getting him together with another one of his students. Braden has worked with their band, and has helped them prepare for shows and with writing songs. Further more, with Braden’s help, my son has learned patience and humility, two skills that have helped him outside of his musical studies. For all these reasons, I would highly recommend Braden Palmer to anyone who not only wants to learn how to play the guitar, but who also wants the opportunity to become a great musician!!!”  from ParkSlopeParents.com
Sigal G. - Park Slope

“My son Erik at 8 years old started guitar lessons with Braden in January of 2005 and couldn’t play a note. Today he is a rock guitar wizard playing Green Day, Led Zep, Hendrix and the like. I highly recommend Braden.”
Steve D. – Park Slope

“I took beginner mandolin lessons with Braden this past summer, and found him to be friendly, patient, knowledgeable, and encouraging. I appreciated that he let me bring in tunes that I was interested in working on, while being a stickler for proper technique, and practicing “correctly”. I learned a lot, and feel inspired to continue playing. Highly recommend!”
Talia S. – Boston, MA

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