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Online Music Lessons


Prospect Music Lessons is continuing to offer Online Music Lessons! We’ve found Online Music Lessons to be wildly successful! For more than 90% of students, Online Lessons are just as good as In-Person. We’ve had the past 5 months to learn everything there is to know about teaching Online and we love it! Plus, scheduling is much easier with no travel involved. The only cases where In-Home may be a better option are very young students (5 and younger) and advanced students that are working on student/teacher duets (due to the time delay). Message Braden on our contact page to set up a free 5 minute sample lesson/connection test to meet him or one of our teachers and see if Online Lessons will work for you and/or your child!


In-Home Music Lessons


However, due to the lower cases of Covid-19 in the NYC area, Prospect Music Lessons is now resuming limited In-Home Music Lessons again for the fall semester. For indoor lessons, we do require that both student and teacher wear a face mask (for this reason woodwinds and brass instruments are currently being offered Online only), use sanitizer before and after the lesson, and we prefer a well-ventilated room. We can also meet on stoops, in the park, or outside wherever as long as the weather behaves!


Online Rates:


30 min – $65
45 min – $85
1 hour – $105


In-Home Rates:


30 min – $75
45 min – $95
1 hour – $115


Longer Lessons and Multiple Lessons per Week:


Lessons longer than 1 hour will cost an additional $20 per 15 minutes. Adding family members will also be charged the same – two siblings both taking 45 minute online lessons will be charged at the lower rate of $145 – $105 (hour) + $40 (addition 30 min) as opposed to $170, the rate for two 45 minute lessons ($85 x 2). For in-home lessons, siblings must be taught at the same visit to receive this rate, however due to no travel being involved with online lessons, siblings may schedule online lessons at different times. Also, students who wish to do online lessons twice a week will be charged the same way – you can purchase a 90 minute session at $145 and schedule two 45 minute lessons in the same week, or three 30 minute lessons.


Online Group Lessons


We now offer Online Group Lessons for the price of a regular lesson plus $25 each additional student. A one-hour lesson, normally $105, would be $130 with two students. Each student would pay $65 each, a significant discount. Plus, the Package Discount below applies to all students! Students can be at several locations. Only recommended for students at similar levels or band coaching.


Package Discount


Purchase 8 lessons at a time and get a $5 discount per lesson (per family). Packages expire 8 weeks after the first scheduled lesson (unless an expiration date is agreed upon at the time of purchase). To maintain a consistent weekly schedule for our teachers, students that purchase packages of 8 lessons will be given priority in scheduling.




Lesson packages must be paid for at least 24 hours before the lesson unless another arrangement is agreed upon. We accept online payments through the Zelle network such as Chase Quick Pay, Venmo, and checks.


Rescheduling Policy


Lessons cancelled by the student with at least 24 hours notice can be rescheduled at a suitable time before the expiration date of the 8 lesson package. Lesson cancellations within less than 24 hour notice are not guaranteed a make-up lesson. Any make-up lessons not used after the expiration date are void. Lessons cancelled by the teacher can be made-up whenever is convenient for the student, even after the expiration date of the 8 lesson package if necessary.


Gift Certificates


We offer gift certificates! Purchase as many lessons as you’d like, and we’ll send you a certificate to give as a gift to whoever the lucky musician happens to be! Guitar Lessons for dad? Saxophone Lessons for your favorite jazz-fan? How about Bass Lessons for someone special’s birthday? All gift certificates expire in 6 months if not used right away, and 1 week per lesson purchased after the first lesson is used.




Current students who have already purchased at least one package of 8 lessons can get a free lesson by referring a new student to Prospect Music Lessons! New student must purchase a regular-priced package of 8 lessons for the referring student to receive the free lesson.


Park Slope Parents Member Discount


Let us know if you’re a member of ParkSlopeParents.com and you’ll get a free lesson with your first purchase of a regular-priced package of 8 lessons. Free lesson must be used within a week of the package expiration date.




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