Student Spotlight

Eliza Liebler

Eliza took guitar and songwriting lessons with Braden from 2005 to 2014 before going off to college.  Over the years she’s become an incredibly talented songwriter.  Enjoy this live video and check out her album here.

Cynthia Bettis

Cynthia started taking lessons with Braden in 2004 and continued for many years.  Here’s a clips video we put together of her band, Betty Reds, featuring Braden on lead guitar!

Ellie Pike

Twice a year we do a recital for our school-aged students. Here’s Ellie, a student of Braden’s since 2006, doing New Slang by the Shins with him at one of our recent concerts.

Maple Street

Guitarist Jamie Mace studied with Braden from 2005 – 2013 and singer/rhythm guitarist Matteo Heilbrun took lessons from 2009 – 2013. Their rock band, Maple Street, is really great!  Check ’em out!

Braden’s Bands

The Alternatives

I grew up in Seattle in the 90’s and these are the songs that got me through high-school. This is a clips video I did at a gig with The Alternatives, my 90’s rock cover band that features me on guitar and lead vocals.

Braden Solo

In May of 2012, I released an album of rock originals entitled As I Look Into The Mirror.  This is a solo acoustic version of one of the songs from the album.  Please visit my Bandcamp site and download it!

More Braden Solo

And from the same gig in the previous video, here I am doing a classic Weezer tune.

Teacher’s Corner

Double Down

Braden, singer John Kozan, and Prospect Music Lessons teacher/saxophonist Kyle Schweizer started this band in 2004 after we played together in Dem Brooklyn Bums. It’s a mix of original rockin’ swing music and creative arrangements of popular songs. Here’s a clip of us doing Kyle’s arrangement of a Billy Idol song.  Click here to visit our website.