Student Spotlight


From 8th grade until graduation in 2020, Anna took guitar, bass and songwriting lessons with Braden. For our first ever Online Spring/Summer Recital, she submitted a recording of Charlie Parker’s Blues for Alice with her playing bass and guitar. Not only is she a great jazz player, but she is also an amazing singer-songwriter – you can buy her first album of all original music, Morning Showered, here!


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Maija studied with Braden for 12 years – from 1st grade until her graduation from Berkeley Carroll School in 2019. Here’s a video from a recording project she did her senior year!


Eliza took guitar and songwriting lessons with Braden from 2005 to 2014 before going off to college.  Over the years she’s become an incredibly talented songwriter.  Enjoy this live video and check out her album here.


Cynthia started taking lessons with Braden in 2004 and continued for many years.  Here’s a clips video we put together of her band, Betty Reds, featuring Braden on lead guitar!

Maple Street

Guitarist Jamie studied with Braden from 2005 – 2013 and singer/rhythm guitarist Matteo took lessons from 2009 – 2013. Their rock band, Maple Street, wrote some great songs! Unfortunately the band went separate ways once they all left for college… Jamie stays in touch and has played in cover bands, original bands and more!


Braden – Live at the Way Station

In May of 2012, Braden released an album of rock originals entitled As I Look Into The Mirror. The music was inspired by the 90’s rock he listened to growing up in Seattle, Washington. This song is called The Silence of Now. Visit his Bandcamp site here!

Braden Solo

Here’s Braden doing a solo acoustic set at Spike Hill in Williamsburg – this song is an original, also from As I Look Into the Mirror, titled Dreaming You Away.

Classical Guitar

Here’s Braden doing Etude VIII from Leo Brouwer’s Etudes Simples. You can check out the rest of his Classical Guitar videos on our Instagram and Facebook Pages!


While Braden’s primary instrument is the guitar, he plays and teaches many others – including the Mandolin! Here’s three ways to play the classic jig Irish Washerwoman.


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Here’s a clip of a classic Beatles tune, with Braden singing while playing the ukulele!

Teachers’ Corner

Double Down

Braden, singer John Kozan, and Prospect Music Lessons teacher/saxophonist Kyle Schweizer started this band in 2004 after we played together in Dem Brooklyn Bums. It’s a mix of original rockin’ swing music and creative arrangements of popular songs. Here’s our most recent promotional video. You can visit the band’s website site here!

Patrick Carmichael

Patrick Carmichael is our drum and percussion teacher – and those aren’t his only talents! Check out this video he made himself, where he did everything (even the claymation!) – except for the upright bass! You can visit his Youtube page here!

Kyle Schweizer

Kyle is an amazing saxophonist, reeds player, composer, and arranger. Here he is with his trio doing a classic!

Bradley Madsen

Brad teaches all brass instruments. Here’s a video of him leading his jazz quartet on Trombone – with Braden on guitar! Also, you can check out his brass quartet – Clarity Brass – which plays many private and public events around NJ and NY – by clicking here!

Jeremy Powell

Jeremy is an in-demand sax, clarinet and flute player – here’s a video of his jazz group doing an original song by Jeremy called Winter’s End! You can also check out more videos of Jeremy on his Youtube page by clicking here!